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Magnus Collection

Magnus collection is about style, sophistication, and class. A collection of handcrafted, remarkable designs declaring excellence. Masterfully created in small batches for superior quality.

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Excellent product in every way! Design and details of the sunglasses were perfect.The “Millen” feel very light on my face.Very impressed on clarity of the lenses, carrying case and cloth bag!

Cindy P.

Style is second to none! “Da Corsa” gives off a modern classic look that will never go out of style. Packaging is very well made and it makes you feel you got something special! Shipping is fast. Sizing is spot on. If you are looking for something classy and fresh, I would definitely recommend this!

Carmike T.

The “Brigante” was beautifully made, snug in a gorgeous case. Carsten Boyd Eyewear gives a whole new meaning to “heartstoppingly cool”.

Alexa B.

The very moment I saw this ‘Rickenbacker’ sunglasses, I fell in love. A famous french designer once said, “ Every man needs aesthetic ghosts in order to live. I have pursued them, sought them, hunted them down.” That ethos defines this sunglasses. My search for my “Rockstar Persona Sunglasses” is definitely over….at least for now, lolz. 

“I guess it’s the price of love. I know it’s not cheap.”

Ian S.

The packaging is attractive. It gives you the feeling your getting something special. I got a nice leather holding case. My eyewear came with a cool bottle opener, a nice warranty card made of metal.
The “Vincitore” shades have a really solid feel,
real nice quality. I’m definitely happy with this purchase, worth every penny!

Pierre M.

Ortus Collection

Ortus Collection is the iconic interpretation of the modern soul. Encapsulates the artisan mind of design. Capturing every detail of Italian workmanship.

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